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For any discussions about forum management and software. XenForo, vBulletin, phpBB, etc.
It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am now in a position to offer a XenAddons Premium License. It is totally up to you to choose the add-on you want! You have the option of selecting one add-on from the following list: Classifieds Ads System: CAS is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for...
Xenforo - is there a way to bump a thread back to the top of the lists? Is there a way that an admin or mod can do this - via an add on perhpas?
Do you send emails to your members and if so, is there a "best time" If you send reminder emailis (eg we are still here etc) is there a best time of day to do it to get responses. Eg when your members are at work, or in their evening, or on the weekend etc etc?
  • Kale
    • Yes, once a month email. Sometimes two depending!
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When it comes to website analytics, there is a lot of data to sift through. One of the most useful tools for getting an overview of your website's performance is the overview graph. This graph provides a quick snapshot of key metrics such as page views, unique visitors, and bounce rate. However, to make the most of...
Can members delete accounts on your forums? How do you feel about deleting accounts? How do you handle it?
  • DigNap15
    • Yes They all show as "Ec-Member" I don't like to differentiate between those who asked to leave, as against those I banned for bad behaviour. What do you think?
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How do Reditt and Discord make money? As forum operators, I am sure many of will know that platforms such as Reditt and Discord have taken away lots of users, and caused many forums to close. I have only looked at Reditt once or twice and Discord never. Does anyone know how they make money?
What do you think 2.3 will improve and what new services will it bring?
  • Abhean
    • Would love to see the ability to post PDFs in the content frame of a post. Currently having to use an addon (Ozzy47 I think) that will allow readers to view a PDF attachment in...
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Eg The Question type The Article Type The Suggestion Type Has anyone set these up in their forums, and how have they worked? I tried an article thread, but did not get much interest
  • PGen98
    • When you create or edit a node/forum, you can select to add in the different thread types to it, so it's on a per-forum basis, you don't have to have them in every single forum...
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What's the skinny with VPN users? I know what a VPN is, but I have never used one. My forum is aimed at my own small country (New Zealand). But of course anyone is welcome to join (but not bots or spammers of course) I get a few new members where my Xenforo New Registration ID says they may be using a vpn and they...
  • Kale
    • I always also find VPN users to be spammers and/or spambots too. You sometimes also will get users who are legit and use VPNs for various reasons. If they randomly used their...
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What do you think about this? Are there any pros and cons from this method? Has anyone seen any success rate from this? Be good to know.
As per the title….does anybody here use nothing different? If so, show us your communities…!
  • Kale
    • I have used other stuff outside of XF before such as SMF, phpBB3, MyBB, etc. So many others I used for free way back, but XF is the best in the forum game IMO.
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A new, comprehensive framework for managing websites has been developed with the goal of making administration easier and improving websites' performance. The framework, which is the unifying factor in all website administration strategies, is meant to aid administrators in their efforts by making their jobs easier...
Have you ever made a duplicate of your forum on your own pc? I want to do this for backup and testing and security purposes. I do backup my forum manually and download it to my pc from time to time But I really want to set up a live copy of Xenforo on my PC, so that I can test various options, and to make sure that...
  • Bastty
    • I never did that! But for sure I will in future.
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Like most forums (I imagine) I have quite a few old accounts that never post and never even Lurk I have started emailing them to say that we are still here. Do you keep these accounts open, or do you look at closing them?
  • D
    • Generally not. Sometimes they do pop in and post, even if it's years later (the majority of them don't, but I have still seen it happen more than a couple of times).
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Anyone knows a way to have a thread/post in different places/locations, without moving the thread/post, and let a link on the old location of the post?
  • PGen98
    • Absolutely! It's everything most people need, especially with the extensive add-on market as it is.
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How can I add the widget everywhere (thread/post/category) just for unregistered users?
Do you allow long member names? I am using the default Xenforo setting and some of my members choose very long member names, either to make a statement or just be stupid. I am thinking of reducing the number of characters What do you thnk?
  • PGen98
    • I tend not to let super-long names pass through, maybe 12 characters maximum, anything beyond that is a bit silly. I agree with reducing the number, there's no real need for...
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What is the url to follow 'question type' thread?
  • JoyFreak
    • If I remember correctly, you can do this with a search forum. I’m not currently on a desktop to look in detail but you can have a play around with a search forum, set the...
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Just wanted to share this, maybe someone is interested: I just received an email from Matomo announcing a masterclass "Cookieless 2024: How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Campaigns". It is for free, date is today 3 pm CET. If you cannot attend, you may still register and get a link to the recording afterwards...
After Cloudflare installation, I notice that my community don't send emails any more. All my DNS are okay in Cloudflare CP, when I test outbound email i don't get any error. Any solution?
  • Bastty
    • I solve the e-mail problem. I had to give up using Cloudflare. Not only that, but I had a year subscription for Cloudflare Image Resizing add-on. So, IDN what was the problem...
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How to solve this error? Server error log XF\Db\Exception: Too many connections src/XF/Db/Mysqli/Adapter.php:165 Generated by: Unknown account 24 Nov 2022 at 16:11 Stack trace #0 src/XF/Db/Mysqli/Adapter.php(28): XF\Db\Mysqli\Adapter->makeConnection(Array) #1 src/XF/Db/AbstractAdapter.php(62)...
  • Bastty
    • For y sharing hosting, I have a limit of 15 connection. I can't increase the "max connection" just if I will update. So, for the moment I will remain with my sharing hosting.
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