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Do you intend to launch a website or online community? Do you want to learn from the greatest administrators in the world? Or perhaps all you want to know is if the “SEO expert” you hired is acting ethically? You are in the correct place. AdminIntel is a community of administrators and webmasters that work...
Hey all, I’m Excommunicado. I’m 21 years old and I love gaming, sports and forumming in my free time. Happy to be here. See you all around!
Hey, I'm sure many of you likely recognise me. I'm co-admin of Speak Chat Forum and active on many other forums :)
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    • And now, also co-admin of Dashboard - TheeZone :D
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Hey everyone, hope you're doing well? I'm here to learn and hopefully post a few tutorials once I get a big more knowledge. See you around! :D three
Hello from Kansas City, my name is Lynn, and im newbie here
Hi, Hello All, I am RanjanR, I am the newbie member for adminintel community, I feel so glad for joining. Thanks.
Hello there I am Kale! I come from the USA and have opened a new forum on XenForo recently. I am always looking to connect with people online and also make new friends. I am from the USA in the state of IL.
Saw the link over at Xenforo and wanted to check it out. I'm Brian, from Florida, and run a service dog forum and am very interested in learning more about SEO especially when it comes to forum software. Thank you for sharing your link, you will be seeing more of me. 😁
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    • Hi Brian, welcome to AI! It's great to have you here :)
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Hey guys, My name is Cameron, and I've been around the forum scene for a number of years now. It's a pleasure to be here!
Saw this place advertised on the XF forum, thought I'd stop by and say hi. Been around the forum world for a bit, seen a few things, thought I'd join up and join the conversation :)
Howdy everyone, Shawn here! I just joined, and I enjoy message forum management topics. So, I thought, why not join an admin forum? I run forums myself. I've run forums for about 25 years now. I mainly use XenForo now. I am also a content producer. I freelance write for the outdoor recreation industry. I...
I used to enjoy TAZ, but its been going down hill in terms of member participation over the last year or so. I'm not sure if its the general trend of forum decline Or is people have turned off TAZ I did not like the fact that they were taken over by that corporate. So I look forward to contributing here. I have...
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    • True, there is definitely over-saturation in a lot of markets and niches, and only the top ones really survive there. There are a lot of them, most definitely, but a fair few...
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Hello everyone sup! New promotion/ webmaster community hello sup? I have a few sites I’d love to advertise on here so I’ve figured why not join it too. More new members for me right? Currently on disability with many mental and physical health issues. But I do enjoy personally : anime and manga, music, reading and...
Hello everyone, My name is Cedric, owner of AdminJunkies, which you may or may not know about. I’m 31 years old, from Belgium. Been into forums since 2003 and always had fun in administrating forums.
:) Hi everyone, from Glasgow. My name is Marian-Sebastian, I`m from Romania, I live in UK since 2014, owner of a beautiful clean baby Gaming Community -
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    • Totally understandable, Scottish accents are so, so think and they have their own words for everything, lol. Liverpool's at least understandable (for me, anyway, I was born...
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Hi, my name is Pin and I'm a avid forum user. I like to play video games, read books, and study history! I'm glad to be here!
I'm back in the online community game. Already see some familiar faces here. lol :)
I've been doing this since the early 90's....I dug thru some of my old online articles and this was the oldest I ran across with an actual date: Pre-forum world, there were mailing lists....I joined the ORML back in 1992, helped launch the LCML in the mid-90's then...
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    • Fantastic specs!! Welcome woody, great to see you here :). I started in the forum game in 1995-ish, but none of my early ventures are still around, sadly. It's amazing to...
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Wanji here, from Kamiwangi. Search on wiki or Google earth for more information :) 🙏
I am new here. I run a few forums myself and am always looking for good webmaster forums to converse with other website and forums owners. Looking forward to seeing everyone around the forum.
Hey, congratulations on the new forum; I'm Jay I've been around forums for 30-plus years, and I am looking forward to seeing what this site brings. :) I know many of the members here already.