Discussions on website monetization and the use of ad networks.
Networking within the advertising ecosystem is an essential element for monetization. It makes life easier for both publishers and advertisers by allowing them to quickly and efficiently exchange inventory and demand. This saves publishers from having to reach out to individual advertisers, and allows advertisers...
Do you use any platform to monetize your website? If so, what platform and how well has it worked for you?
  • Shawn Gossman
    • I have multiple sources of income for my leading outdoor brand. 1. I earn from AdSense (on websites and YouTube). The amount I earn pays for all my website stuff (even the...
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Have any of you used a paid to click model? Let's have a list of them with: PTC - Infos PTC - Payment (...and how long it takes for you to receive the money) PTC - Instant Payment PTC - Scam?