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I was surprise that you release it today. Congrats. Can wait to see some useful content. Regards, Sebastian.
Would be nice to see in here user groups like: xF community owner wP community owner ... and so on xF add-on/style developer Like that, we can see which of us use xF or other platforms. Would be nice if you can implement an add-on to check the xF licence in future. You can play with permission to suit the community.
  • JoyFreak
    • This is a great idea and I might have something in store. I will try implement something like this soon.
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Knowing that you have at least one more successful community, I'm glad to be a member of 2 of them. So far so good, we reach 30 members. Let this be the first milestone announcement for the years that will come. I know and feel this will be a great community.
  • PGen98
    • It's been a fantastic initial launch, here's to keeping the momentum up and pressing onward :)
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Ya may want to check your email transport settings, the confirmation email went to spam.
  • MattW
    • No spam for me either. Email came straight through, and it's SPF and DKIM signed
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