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A forum where website design is discussed and where PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. support is available.
The usage of PHP, HTML, and CSS is essential to developing an engaging and aesthetically pleasing website, which is a fundamental component of building a successful website. A server-side programming language called PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is used to build dynamic web pages. It enables the development of...
  • Fait
    • some people criticize PHP for some reason but if we didn't have it many social media sites such as facebook or this site wouldn't be a thing.
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I've been using Gimp myself to make my graphics. It's free and does a lot more than MS Paint can do. :P It's similar to Photoshop and gets the job done for me. If Adobe ever goes back to allowing us to purchase a license for their individual products rather than making us buy a subscription I may switch.
  • Arantor
    • I used to use GIMP but the UI changes every few versions finally broke me somewhere around 2.10 and I broke down and bought a PS subscription. Then of course, Balsamiq for...
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Do you guys have any advice about the best font-display to use for mobile or in general?
  • Aerodynamic
    • To be honest it’s definitely different but in a positive way. It’s more professional and writing themed imo.
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Has anyone ever heard of or used Canva before? If you are inexperienced with designing or creating graphics then this is the best free (& paid) solution for you. You can create a free account and start using its library full of stock images. You can even create your own design using pre-built templates. I would...
One of the simplest languages to learn is CSS, according to many experts. If you are already familiar with HTML, you might start decorating web pages after just one day of learning because its fundamental rules and syntax are straightforward. Even while learning its more complex aspects may take longer, once you...
  • L
    • CSS is very powerful and absolutely worth learning if you are expecting to do any front end design work.
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