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  1. ~ True Legend ~


    And now, also co-admin of Dashboard - TheeZone :D
  2. ~ True Legend ~

    SpeakChatForum What makes us unique? A nerd section for ppl like me ! A member section for members to have their very own forum to share their blogs etc! You are free to promote your community in your signature :) We're always open to suggestions! We regularly run contests -...
  3. ~ True Legend ~

    ★ Off Topix - An active & friendly community ★

    I genuinely appreciate that you allow off topic posts within threads :D
  4. ~ True Legend ~ - Webmaster Community

    It's a very active forum and I enjoy posting here :D
  5. ~ True Legend ~


    Hey, I'm sure many of you likely recognise me. I'm co-admin of Speak Chat Forum and active on many other forums :)