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  1. Shawn Gossman

    Using AI to create content

    So, Google is against using AI to create content for your website. It would violate their policies and your site can be penalized The main problem is with sourcing. AI doesn't know what a...
  2. Shawn Gossman

    10 Simple But Effective SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic

    Great article. On topic titles, one thing I do to compete for keywords. Search for your keyword on Google Look at the first page of organic results (not paid results). You want to look for numbered lists "10 ways to" "101 best.." Find the high numbered list. Create an article with 10 to 20...
  3. Shawn Gossman

    Do you delete old accounts that are never used?

    Thanks for that info :) That's helpful. Be that the case, i'd let the account stay. :)
  4. Shawn Gossman

    Forum Admin Forum

    Thank you! Same goes to you :) I love being helpful!
  5. Shawn Gossman

    6 Ways to Boost SEO Ranking with Internal Links

    Search engines will quit crawling links after 150 on one given page. LOL Could you imagine putting 150 links on a page? LOL I tend to go with 1 (sometimes 2) links per paragraph. The anchor text is really important. Don't make it "click here" or "link". For SEO, you need to describe what they...
  6. Shawn Gossman

    The future of Blogger

    Well, I guess the real question is, does Google update it? Are they releasing new features and how often? If they're not and haven't for a long time, I would assume they will be shutting it down at some point. I recommend WordPress self-hosted software. Sharing hosting these days are pennies...
  7. Shawn Gossman - Generating Traffic

    This is a great idea. It's old school and brings back a lot of memories. But I love the idea of it and watching it grow. I would assume everything is "no follow" right?
  8. Shawn Gossman

    Do you delete old accounts that are never used?

    I don't now but if my forum got really big and deleting unused accounts would help reduce resources, I would likely do it for that reason. But they would have to be unused completely. If people are using them to lurk and not post, I don't want to stop them from that. Not everyone wants to post.
  9. Shawn Gossman

    Forum Admin Forum

    Yeah, I need to figure those out. It's an addon and it doesn't seem to be working correctly. Thank you!
  10. Shawn Gossman

    Who is your hosting provider?

    I use DreamHost. I don't recommend their shared hosting. It isn't that reliable. I use their VPS. I have a VPS for web and another for MySQL. I also added CloudFlare. With that combination, everything runs smoothly. I pay under $200 a month. I've been with DreamHost for over 15 years.
  11. Shawn Gossman

    Howdy Folks

    :cool: great to be here :)
  12. Shawn Gossman

    Forum Admin Forum

    Forum Admin Forum A forum for forum owners to talk about owning forums :cool: I used to run Another Admin Forum (AAF), and I miss it dearly. So FAF is my new one and I hope to get back that old AAF community spirit I once had.
  13. Shawn Gossman

    Graphics Any advice on the best font to use?

    I've always used DaFont
  14. Shawn Gossman

    Which platform is best for monetization?

    I have multiple sources of income for my leading outdoor brand. 1. I earn from AdSense (on websites and YouTube). The amount I earn pays for all my website stuff (even the forums and other stuff unrelated to the outdoor brand). 2. I earn from Patreon from those who wish to support me. 3. I sell...
  15. Shawn Gossman

    Remember - Social Media is Rented Space

    The point of this thread? Start a mailing list! Why? Social media is what we call "rented space" in the marketing world. That's because they can terminate your account at any time without any reason. They can close down. They can be acquired. And as a result, you can lose everything and there...
  16. Shawn Gossman

    What social media platform do you use to promote your content?

    I have a hiking brand and I use a lot of heavy social media marketing for it. I'm on YouTube, IG, FB, Twitter, and TikTok. My best is FB and YT. My YT videos are really my main content. I also have a popular website and a 600+ subscriber newsletter. My newsletter grows about 100 subscribers a...
  17. Shawn Gossman

    5 Link Building Strategies

    You're right. I blog daily on two blogs. One is page 1 for most everything I write. But it has age to the domain, thousands of backlinks, and rich content. My other blog is newer but it grows by the day - I owe the success to these blogs by posting every day. On a forum, I post every day...
  18. Shawn Gossman

    What is your favourite SEO tool?

    Ahrefs is great but so expensive. If I had an agency, I'd go with it. I use the free SEMRush for client articles since I only do a few a month right now. For my own articles, I used a combo of tools including: Uber Suggest (paid version) Keywords Everywhere (paid version) Google Search...
  19. Shawn Gossman

    What is the most widely used content management system?

    I use WordPress as my go-to CMS even though it's not a CMS. But it's easy, and it gets the job done. Back in the day though, I used Php Nuke which I liked a lot. I also used Joomla which I found to have so many settings that it was too hard to use. Drupal seemed like a promising CMS. Is...
  20. Shawn Gossman

    Is it a good idea to use fake forum users to attract real users?

    Instead of using fake members, why not use a paid posting service (made up of real people) or do post exchanges? They're not loyal members, but they're real people. If you're exchanging posts, you're helping out a fellow forum owner. That means something, especially now that forums aren't as...