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  1. Abhean

    Happy with your job?

    Are you currently happy with your job? Yeap. All around IT work and Help desk Does it pay you enough? 25/hour works nicely, coding on the side, and pension can't complain :) Is there room for advancement / promotions? Yeap Will you retire from this job or seek another one eventually? I hope...
  2. Abhean

    Chit Chat Thread

    Ya think? :D
  3. Abhean

    XenForo What's your expectation of XenForo 2.3?

    Would love to see the ability to post PDFs in the content frame of a post. Currently having to use an addon (Ozzy47 I think) that will allow readers to view a PDF attachment in lightbox, but would much rather be able to post it as-is in the post itself.
  4. Abhean

    Hey Everyone

    Saw the link over at Xenforo and wanted to check it out. I'm Brian, from Florida, and run a service dog forum and am very interested in learning more about SEO especially when it comes to forum software. Thank you for sharing your link, you will be seeing more of me. 😁