10 Simple But Effective SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic


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There are various reasons for building a website that is SEO optimized. Perhaps you’ve created a fantastic product that you’re prepared to sell online. Maybe you’ve finished your writing an essay that, if published online, will definitely do well. Perhaps all you want to do …

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Great article.

On topic titles, one thing I do to compete for keywords.

Search for your keyword on Google

Look at the first page of organic results (not paid results). You want to look for numbered lists "10 ways to" "101 best.."

Find the high numbered list.

Create an article with 10 to 20 more numbered list items.

Mention everything they mention in your own words in order to compete but add unique items into the mix.

Don't copy, be unique.

List posts have got me on page one again and again.

How to posts are the next best types after that. Those get you into the "People are also searching for" question feature on Google page one.