XenForo 15 Free Must Have XenForo 2 Add-Ons in 2022


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Your community will advance thanks to the top free must have XenForo add-ons. The forum software XenForo is excellent for creating your own community. It is packed with tools to assist you in building a community that exudes professionalism. You can improve it even further by adding free XenForo add-ons to add new features.

While some XenForo add-ons are free, some are premium with a corresponding charge. Check out XenForo's own resources list to locate free add-ons. The 'Install/upgrade from archive' option under the Add-ons menu in your dashboard may be used to upload add-ons with ease.

The correct collection of XenForo add-ons and tools may aid in the growth of your online community. This post contains our expert selection of the top free XenForo add-ons for community forums in 2022.

1. Font Awesome Manager

2. Alert Improvements

3. Attachment Improvements

4. Conversation Improvements

5. Report Improvements

6. Search Improvements

7. Warning Improvements

8. Better Google Analytics

9. Cloudflare

10. DragonByte Tweet Poster

11. Image Attachment Cache Control

12. Lazy Image Loader

13. s9e/MediaSites

14. What's New Digest

15. Signup abuse detection and blocking (Paid)

We really hope that this post assisted you in locating the top free XenForo add-ons for your forum. Feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below if you have any questions or need assistance locating the best XenForo add-ons for your use-case. Our staff would be happy to assist you.
Thank you, will definitely look into them. I usually tend to 'ignore' free ones because I believe they don't do much improvement to the community. But will check them out and see if we can utilize some.