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As of now we offer free forum hosting for any member that has over 100 posts on Admin Junkies.
Next to my Free XenForo License and Free IPS License offer, we decided that we can host additional forum softwares.
No catch, completely free! All I require is a steady activity on Admin Junkies and maybe a little advertisement (backlink) to the forum.

So if you want to start a forum but you're not up for hosting expenses, this is your chance. Allow me to help you with your forum.

  1. Your forum will be hosted under the Admin Junkies domain. Example:
  2. You are able to buy a domain, and make it default.
  3. You will be able to access the forum's back end through FTP. Additionally if needed, I want to help setup the forum
  4. You may import/export databases upon request.
  5. You may request the following forum software: phpBB, SMF, MyBB, Flarum, Flatboard, XenForo, IPS.
  6. There are in total 5 slots currently. One is taken.
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Last edited: | Admin & Webmaster Community: December is Community Month.

Hello everyone,

I want to use the month December to get to know our members a little better. Therefore I have moved the introduction forum to the top. As well as add a Ask Me Anything forum. Here you can make a thread and allow other members to ask you questions about yourself about preferences, or anything else that comes to mind. I have also added a Forum Games subforum, where you can participate in some fun games like count games, abc games, etc. Content will be added as we speak and there is no post count or credit's increasing while you post there.

I will also be hosting some interviews which you will be able to read about in our Articles. If you wish to nominate some people you'd like to read an interview about, feel free to do in this thread. :)

Furthermore we have added an Article Management System where we will be releasing some articles around forums and interviews in the near future. We have also installed a Classifieds system where we hope to build up a nice list of items for sale such as forums, domains, websites, etc.

2023 Plans for Admin Junkies
My plan with Admin Junkies is to bring more activity and quality content to the forum. Hopefully we'll have a nice list of articles, resources and other webmasters among us. I hope to have a steady active user and content income. It's possible I'll purchase a custom theme next year and buy advertising on various alike websites and forums to drive traffic to our forum which will hopefully convert to active webmasters.

Forum Badges

I have installed a new add-on thanks to Ozzy47 (XenForo) that allows us to make badges and reward our users or given to our users for accomplishments and other things we come up with. I'm currently adding more badges as we speak, so bear with me, there is not much so far. Use this thread to suggest any badges you'd like to see and I'll add them if I see them fit. :)

Badges can be found in your profile page and will also be listed in the thread view under your user title to icons. If you think you have the right to claim a badge, let me know. Some need to be manually added and sometimes I might forget. Here you can see the member list per badge obtained.

XF Verified User Badge also available. Go to your settings and add your License Token to receive the XF Verified badge.
Very cool initiative you got there. Well done on the interviews, would love to see more from big admin and webmaster experts.
Thank you. I plan on interviewing more people outside the forum once our community month is over. :) So you’ll definitely hear from me sometime January. ;)
Small update:

We now have another Style to our selection: Alt.

It's a great dark style that is newly released from yesterday. Couldn't resist on purchasing and adding this style. 😅


Additionally I have released a few new interviews that some might want to read. Including one by one of XF's top developers: Nicolas FR

XenAddons Giveaway - Premium License

I'm pleased to announce that I'm able to offer a Premium License of 1 XenAddons add on. Which add on is entirely up to you! You can choose between the following addons:

  1. Classifieds Ads System: Much like our own Classifieds add on, CAS is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to post classified ads (For Sale, For Rent, For Loan, For Trade, Free, Wanted, Service, Job, Announcement).
  2. Article Management System: Much like our own Articles add on, AMS is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to add and publish Articles.
  3. Item Management System: IMS is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to create an items database. Items can be rated/reviewed and there is a questions/answers interface.
  4. Link Directory: Much like our own Link Directory add on, Link Directory (LD) is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to add Links to create a Directory.
  5. Review Management System: RMS is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to review and ask questions about items in the database.
  6. Showcase: Showcase is an addon designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to showcase items both visually with a collection of images as well as textual content and custom field content providing detailed information pertaining to each item.
  7. User Blogs System: UBS is a User Blogs System addon designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to add their own Blogs and publish Blog Entries within those blogs.
  8. Sportsbook: Sportsbook allows your users to place wagers on outcomes of events with virtual cash (for entertainment purposes only).
  9. Pickem: Pickem is a Sports prediction game. Whether against the spread or straight up, you are tasked with picking the outcome of every game in a given week for an entire season.
Please be aware: you must have a XenForo licensed forum active and online. I would allow forums that are planning to (re-)open soon though.

=> For our members that do not have a XenForo license: I have one to let you use it. Free XenForo License

=> For our members that don't want to own a forum or have a different forum software: I will replace the license with a year premium membership and 3 months 468x60 header advertsing.

So, we'll be picking two winners, one having a XenForo forum, the other not having a XenForo forum.


  1. Reply to this topic with your current post count and make an additional 25 quality posts.
  2. Mention if you want to enter for the XenForo License or Premium Membership with advertising.
  3. Write a small review or testimonial about your experience / thoughts so far on Admin Junkies.

Winners will be randomly chosen on Sunday the 8th of January.

I want to give special thanks and a shout out to Bob from XenAddons, who has made this giveaway possible!
What is Battle of the Boards?
Welcome to the Admin Junkies Battle of the Boards competition! This competition brings together 16 forums to face off in a series of rounds, with the goal of ultimately being crowned the champion. The stakes are high, and only one can emerge victorious. Who will come out on top? Follow along and find out!

How does it work?
All 16 forums are placed in 4 categories:
  1. General & Entertainment: 4 forums - two rounds to eliminate the competition
  2. Gaming & RPG: 4 forums - two rounds to eliminate the competition
  3. Forum Services: 4 forums -two rounds to eliminate the competition
  4. Miscellaneous: 4 forums - two rounds to eliminate the competition
You may select up to 4 people from your staff and members from your forum and join the competition. In a team of 5 you will compete 15 other forums and carry out various tasks to bring an end product of the task given.

Example: All Gaming & RPG forums are given a game title where they write an article for. All members registered on Admin Junkies may vote for the best article. The most voted submissions wins the round.

As rounds and tasks pass by, you will eliminate your competition as the chart provided below. Together with your team you will be required to join a private group on Admin Junkies for your team only, where you can discuss and plan your submission to the task given.


What are the 4 rounds ?
  1. Round number one consists of an award ceremony round where we have different categories setup and where members will be able to rate your forum in. Example: Best Theme, Best Domain, Best User Accessibility, etc.
  2. Second round will be an article creation on your niches subject.
  3. Third round will involve a graphic designing task.
  4. Fourth round is to be announced on a later date, to keep it exciting for the finals!
As said before, as a team you deliver a product where our members can vote for the best result. We encourage administrators to persuade their members to vote for them in this competition. This is meant to be a challenging and competitive event, and we expect administrators to rally their member base to support their favorite board. However, we do not tolerate any bad sportsmanship conduct such as board sabotage or cheating. Friendly campaigning is perfectly okay, and is something we hope to get people to vote for your board. If you believe that your board is the best, then demonstrate it by getting your supporters to cast their votes for you.

To keep it even more fair and hopefully refrain participants from cheating, all member votes will be cut in half.

Who can enter?
Any forum administrator can submit their forum and enter the competition. Remember that you will be required to join a private group on Admin Junkies with 4 additional team members to complete the tasks and rounds, so choose carefully! There is no minimum requirement for forums. You can enter your forum here: Submit

What can you win?
Top two finalist will receive the following prizes:

First place prize
  1. Cash prize of $150 via PayPal
  2. Premium Membership for 3 months on Admin Junkies
  3. Header advertisement (468x60) and a sticky thread for 3 months
  4. A credits increase of 1000 to use on services and exchanges

Second place prize
  1. Cash prize of $50 via PayPal
  2. Premium Membership for 1 months on Admin Junkies
  3. Header advertisement (468x60) and a sticky thread for 1 months
  4. A credits increase of 500 to use on services and exchanges

As we gear up for the "Battle of the Boards" competition, we wanted to take a moment to wish all of the participants the best of luck. This competition is a great opportunity for us to showcase the skills and talents of our community, and we can't wait to see what you all bring to the table.

We know that this will be a challenging and competitive event, and we have no doubt that everyone will bring their A-game. We encourage you to do your best, have fun, and most importantly, play fair.

Good luck to all of the participants, and may the best board win!

Best regards,