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Welcome to Forum Explorers. Explore the forums and have fun! We are a chilled community where making friends is our number one goal. Register today to open the portal to fun, friendship and more!

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We're still going strong in the first few days of being opened. We've helped one member restore a couple of friendships and we are all about helping people make new friends or mend their relationships with others. We are a chill community and can't wait to see you there. Over the past couple of days we've got a couple of new staff including a new admin and we've rolled out username icons!
Getting closer and closer to 50 members. We've already gone past our first post milestone of 1000 and almost onto 500 topics. Come hang with us at Forum Explorers

We're a relaxed community and the only rule we have is to have fun!
Happy Halloween from Forum Explorers if you celebrate it! :D

We need 50 threads until we hit our first thread milestone of 500 threads. Come hang with us and help us reach our goal. Can't wait to see you there.


Explore the forums and have fun! We are a chilled community where making friends is our number one goal.

We've just hit 3000 posts and 70 members. We're almost a month old on the 21st. Come hang out with us! Can't wait to see you there at Forum Explorers.

Thanks to a successful merge we now have: 1,621 Threads, 7,193 Messages and 115 Members.

If you were a member of a past forum known as Discussion Block your account has been moved over. Those who have had accounts at Forum Explorers have had their old accounts merged and those who haven't registered at Forum Explorers already have new accounts with the posts you had at Discussion Block.

We've had a database merge.
Forum Statistics: 148 Members, 3,241 Threads, 16,747 Posts.

Come hang out at Forum Explorers. You may even have an account due to the merge!
Forum Explorers is in the initial stages to see if anyone would be interested in buying it. Please send The Grinch a PM on Forum Explorers if you're interested.

Domain registered for one year expiring 2024-10-20 registered through IONOS.

Forum Statistics: 161 Members, 4,123 Threads, 19,579 Posts.

License expires Mar 17, 2024.

I may be able to chuck in a couple of the paid add-ons if needed if I can transfer the licenses. Those interested can discuss with me.

Just want to see what type of offers I can get and if there's anyone interested. I want to see what sort of offers I can get but considering the domain is something that can be used for any sort of genre (Mostly I guess?) and the license I would be hoping for $250-$300.

I have advertised this sale elsewhere.