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Passion and Strategy are the fuel for the next great community. We invite all forum enthusiasts, forum administrators and webmasters, and community builders to check out, a community focused on community management. All are welcome.

You'll find a refreshingly different take on building an online community. You will find topics based on best in community management trends and thought leadership that you won't find anywhere else.

🚀 Simple & Thoughful - You won't find tons of side accessories like forum battles, point economy, forum games, or server and domain discussions. What you will find is a focus on what matters: smart and interesting discussions based on disciplines from psychology, sociology, leadership, organizational theory, and community management.

🚀 Inspiring - We're here to help you build. This means that being supportive, motivating, and inspiring is ingrained into the very mission of the community.

🚀 Learning - We believe in learning from smarter ideas and people. We're home to (as far as we're aware) the world's largest community management dictionary with over 500 unique terms. We're home to over 100+ custom articles inspired by top organizations such as Harvard Business School and Feverbee. You will find topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Innovation for Solopreneurs, and Personal Leadership.

🚀 Something Different - You're probably a member of every other forum admin site. If you're looking for something a little different that will push you beyond your comfort zone with new ideas and discussions that you won't find anywhere else, we invite you to give us a try.

We're here to help you launch a different and better kind of community. Growing a community is not easy, and we don't pretend to have all of the answers, but we are committed to learning alongside you through the ups and downs.

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Here are 3 inspired discussions you won't find anywhere else, drawn from the best in community management trends:
  • Charged Up: Is Your Community's Trust Battery Full? - Learn what decisions (especially bad decisions) might deplete the trust battery, and join in the conversation of good actions to charge up your community's trust battery.
  • The Anti-Mentor - There are mentors: people that you admire and respect and follow as a role model. Then there are the anti-mentors: people who can still teach us incredibly valuable lessons by exemplifying all of the bad behaviors.
  • Deep Dive into IPS: Quickly Find the Most Helpful Answers - An indepth analysis on the new Helpful feature and some strategic tips on building a community on Invision Community
Are you thinking about something right now about your community? Share it now and see what other passionate community leaders have to advise.

Learn Something New

Here are 3 smart concepts for you to learn:
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