IVVVI COOL Discussion Community

Why though? People nowadays have no time to figure out if it’s worth their time or not. By blocking content you’ll lose pretty much every potential member. If there’s no content viewable then there’s no reason to browse. Once you’ve made your name in that aspect, it won’t be easy to turn. Content is key, more for guests than members. No guests = no members. I mean this in a non offensive way, so I’m making that as clear as I can. But you might as well turn it into an exclusive invite only community. That way it has something fancy about it.
Well, I got you, but I think "my way" will eliminate those who just click a link and after 2 seconds close the link.
People who will want to read or interact, will register a username, to do so.
Better to have 5 proper users than 100 "idleling" users.
New ChatGPT section made it, where you can find Prompts and Showcases
Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 20-12-27 ChatGPT.png