★ Off Topix - An active & friendly community ★

OffTopix is a wonderful community, you've built something special Nebulous and I wish you ever success going forward :)

Aww, thank you!

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550,000 POSTS!

Congratulations to the Off Topix community for reaching 550,000 posts!

When we reopened 9 months ago we had 450,000 posts which means we’ve been averaging around 11,000 posts per month since then. We sure are a chatty bunch!

One year ago Off Topix (formerly known as Wober) was relaunched! 🥳

Our community was created in 2009 and it was a thriving community until 2016. Last June we rebranded the forum and reopened the community to the public once again. The database was restored and all member accounts were preserved.

Now an entire year has passed, in that time we’ve seen several Wober members login to their accounts and come reconnect with old friends. We’ve gotten tons of new members too! Activity on the forum has been booming! If you're not a member yet, we invite you to come join in on all the fun. ❤️

Coming up in September we'll be celebrating our forum's 14th birthday. 🎉

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