Remember - Social Media is Rented Space

The point of this thread? Start a mailing list!


Social media is what we call "rented space" in the marketing world. That's because they can terminate your account at any time without any reason. They can close down. They can be acquired. And as a result, you can lose everything and there is nothing you can do because you agreed to it in their terms (Oh trust me, that terms is there) when you signed up.

A mailing list allows you to collect emails from your followers, fans, customers and those emails are yours. If you move email list servers, you still have your emails.

Social media doesn't give you email access.

A mailing list is a house you own, social media is an apartment you rent.

Social platforms are a little sketchy right now. Start getting that email list going now in case these platforms start dropping!
I totally agree with this. Social media is great to network and promote your content but having your own website, forum or mailing list really helps build a userbase that you can communicate with freely without being tied to any external terms set by the provider.