What is the most widely used content management system?


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According to QuickSprout; WordPress powers more than one-third of the whole Internet. The most widely used content management system worldwide is this platform. Tens of millions of people all around the world believe in it. WordPress can be tailored to suit the requirements of any sort of website because it is a free and open-source CMS.

What CMS do you use?
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Yes 👍. I totally agree with you. Market Research and latest statistics shows that WordPress is the most popular Content management system in the market.

We are using WordPress because it's offering hundreds of freemium themes and plugins.
I use WordPress as my go-to CMS even though it's not a CMS.

But it's easy, and it gets the job done.

Back in the day though, I used Php Nuke which I liked a lot. I also used Joomla which I found to have so many settings that it was too hard to use.

Drupal seemed like a promising CMS. Is Drupal still a thing?
One third of the internet seems a bit low to me if anything; I've heard everything up to 70% at this point.

And it is a content management system - if not a *detailed* one. But very often that's enough - it certainly is for the clients I work with.

Drupal is still a thing, with Drupal 9 coming out not that long ago but I don't know many people using it because it's a lot heavier and a lot harder to use than WordPress - and has a smaller plugin/theme ecosystem.
WordPress is indeed a giant in the CMS world. It's user-friendly and highly customizable. Personally, I've used WordPress for various websites and found it to be versatile. Community support is also a big plus. However, I also use additional tools, like marketing team management software, to be more effective. It's hard to go wrong with it! What about you?
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