XenForo 2.2.13 Released


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Upgrade Now for Enhanced Stability and Exciting New Features!
XenForo, the leading forum software, has just released its latest version, XenForo 2.2.13. Packed with incredible improvements and innovative features, this release promises to take your forum experience to the next level. If you're a licensed customer, it's time to get your hands on this upgrade and unlock a world of enhanced stability and functionality.

Why Upgrade to XenForo 2.2.13?
XenForo 2.2.13 brings a host of benefits that make it a must-have for all forum administrators and users. Here are the highlights of what this release has to offer:
  1. Full iOS PWA compatibility with push notification support

    With the latest update, XenForo 2.2.13 is now fully compatible with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on iOS devices. This means that your members can enjoy seamless browsing and receive push notifications directly on their iOS devices. Simply install your forum as a PWA by using the "Add to Home Screen" feature in Safari, and your users can enable push notifications through their preferences. This exciting feature enhances engagement and keeps your community connected.
    "Push notifications are a powerful tool to engage users and keep them informed. XenForo 2.2.13's PWA compatibility with push notification support ensures that your members never miss out on important updates." - Ryan Levering, Google
  2. Structured data metadata improvements

    Thanks to the collaboration with Ryan Levering from Google, XenForo 2.2.13 introduces significant improvements to structured data metadata. By enriching the pages with structured data, search engines like Google gain a better understanding of your forum's content structure. This, in turn, enables them to provide rich search results and enhances the visibility of your forum in search engine listings.
    "Structured data metadata plays a crucial role in improving search engine visibility. With XenForo 2.2.13's enhancements, your forum's content will be better understood and presented to users, resulting in increased organic traffic." - Ryan Levering, Google
  3. Support for OAuth authentication for Microsoft 365 business email accounts

    Microsoft has deprecated traditional username/password authentication for sending emails over SMTP. In response to this change, XenForo 2.2.13 introduces OAuth authentication as an additional option for setting up email transport and automated mail handlers. This allows you to securely authenticate with Microsoft 365 business email accounts and ensures smooth email communication within your forum.
    "OAuth authentication provides an enhanced level of security and compatibility. XenForo 2.2.13's support for OAuth authentication allows you to seamlessly integrate your Microsoft 365 business email accounts and maintain a reliable and secure email system." - Microsoft
  4. One-click upgrade to XenForo 2.2.13

    Upgrading to XenForo 2.2.13 is now easier than ever. With a simple click from your admin control panel, you can initiate the upgrade process and enjoy all the new features and improvements immediately. For XenForo Cloud customers, the upgrade will be scheduled automatically, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
    Fixes and Enhancements
XenForo 2.2.13 includes numerous fixes and improvements to enhance your forum's performance and user experience. Here are some of the notable changes:
  • Adjusted several cookie third-party identifiers
  • Fixed simple cookie notice flash for guests
  • Updated thread creation latest activity items when merging threads
  • Added null checks for the getPhraseGroup method of the Phrase entity
  • Added context to node permission list with node type icons
  • And much more!
For a complete list of changes, refer to the official release notes.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions:
Installing or upgrading XenForo is a breeze. The XenForo 2 Manual provides comprehensive instructions on how to install and upgrade XenForo. We highly recommend upgrading directly from within your control panel to ensure a seamless and error-free process.

System Requirements:
XenForo 2.2 has higher system requirements compared to earlier versions. To run XenForo 2.2.13, you need:
  • PHP 7.0 or newer (PHP 8.0 recommended)
  • MySQL 5.5 and newer (compatible with MariaDB/Percona, etc.)
  • All official add-ons require XenForo 2.2
  • Enhanced Search requires at least Elasticsearch 2.0
Make sure your system meets these requirements to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

XenForo 2.2.13 is an essential upgrade for all XenForo forum administrators and users. With its improved stability, exciting new features like iOS PWA compatibility with push notifications, enhanced structured data metadata, and OAuth authentication support for Microsoft 365 business email accounts, this release sets a new standard for forum software.
Stay ahead of the curve with XenForo 2.2.13, and watch your forum thrive!

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