XenForo FR - A french XenForo community


pwa512.png Name: XenForo FR
URL: https://xenforo.fr
Opening: 2022 September

Topic: A french XenForo community
Goals: Provide support in French to users of the XenForo environment, offer translations and tutorials, create an active community of enthusiasts. Develop add-ons.

Tutorials: Tutoriels
Resources: Ressources
Services: La boutique XenForo FR
Multilingual Network: Réseau multilingue de support XenForo

Addons installed :
  1. XF Resource Manager
  2. XF Media Gallery
  3. App for Cloudflare
  4. AMPXF
  5. Font Awesome Manager
  6. Footer Pro
  7. XenForo License Verification by Xon