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I’m selecting a few people to join the Admin Intel Discord. This Discord is created for those who are truly serious about their website succeeding. This Discord is going to have people who are willing to help each other succeed by following these 100% working tools that will help each other’s websites excel...
(Preview of the themes installed on Off Topix) Off Topix is a well established general discussion forum that originally opened to the public way back in 2009! We provide a laid back atmosphere and our members are down to earth. We have a ton of content and fresh stuff is constantly being added. We cover all sorts...
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    • Greetings, Fourteen years ago (in September of 2009) Off Topix originally launched as the Wober Discussion Community. We've gone through several transformations over the...
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Hey, I'm sure many of you likely recognise me. I'm co-admin of Speak Chat Forum and active on many other forums :)
  • ~ True Legend ~
    • And now, also co-admin of Dashboard - TheeZone :D
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